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This Bill was first read in February 2009, and has been signed into law. This locksmith legislation will help to counter the problem of phony locksmiths that have flooded the printed directories, 411, and the internet with ficticious addresses that mislead consumers needing service into thinking they are calling a local locksmith company. If you are a victim of an unlicensed, illegal locksmith company, Baldino's is here to assist you in repairing criminal break in damage and restore your confidence in what real locksmiths do in both emergency and non-emergency situations.


[Brackets] indicate matter deleted from existing law.
C2 9lr0302
CF 9lr1304
By: Delegates King, Frush, Haddaway, Harrison, Impallaria, Kelly, Kirk, Love, Manno, Minnick, Stifler, Taylor, and V. Turner
Introduced and read first time: February 2, 2009
Assigned to: Economic Matters
AN ACT concerning
Maryland Locksmiths Act

FOR the purpose of requiring a certain business to be licensed by the Secretary of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation before the business may provide locksmith services; providing for the purpose of this Act; providing that this Act does not limit the rights of certain individuals to engage in locksmith services; authorizing the Secretary to adopt certain regulations for the licensure and regulation of locksmiths; requiring all money collected by the Secretary to be paid into the General Fund of the State; establishing certain application procedures for obtaining a locksmith license; requiring certain owners of businesses that are applicants and licensees to apply to the Central Repository for a certain criminal history records check; requiring certain applicants to submit fingerprints and a certain fee to the Central Repository; requiring the Central Repository to provide the Secretary with certain information; requiring certain information to be confidential and used for certain purposes; requiring licensees to maintain certain general liability insurance that meets certain requirements; requiring a licensee to provide a certain notice of cancellation of a certain general liability insurance policy within a certain time period; authorizing the issuance and renewal of certain licenses by the Secretary; authorizing the issuance of certain photo identification cards by certain licensed locksmiths; providing for the expiration and renewal of certain licenses; establishing requirements for the display, carrying, replacement, and change of name for certain licenses; authorizing the Secretary to deny a license to an applicant, refuse to renew a license, reprimand a licensee, suspend or revoke a license, or impose certain penalties under certain circumstances; establishing certain hearing and appeal procedures for locksmiths; establishing certain content, keeping, reporting, and transmittal requirements for certain invoices or receipts for service; requiring certain advertisements to include the name and license number of a licensed locksmith; prohibiting certain acts; providing for

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